Mike González
"I help sellers maximize their profit when selling real estate using a unique system that few other agents know"
Am I good at what I do?
Yes. I’m very good at helping you get more from the sale of your house than any other way.
I've been doing real estate since 2003 as both an investor and agent, so I know exactly what works and what just costs you to lose out on tens of thousands of dollars.
Frankly, I do business completely different than all other agents.
While other agents want you to do costly repairs before listing or harps you to be realistic about your price; my approach gets buyers excited about overpaying for your home.
Should you hire me?
If you are not allergic to money; if your goal is to get the most money from selling your home . . . YES!
I have a strategy that no other agents has, that 100 % guarantees  you of two things.
1) your home will sell . . .  AND . . . 2)you will end up with more money in your pocket than you could any other way; that's with any other agent, or even selling it yourself.
So if maximizing your profits from selling your home would help you financially, I invite you to reach out to me directly.
A little more about me.
My name is Miguel González, but most I've always just gone by, Mike.
I have degree in Finance and before real estate I worked as both a bank examiner and financial comptroller.
I first got involved in real estate on the investing side, but then saw the power it could have to truly change lives, so I got my real estate license in 2003 and broker's license in 2005.
I served as Mayor for the City of Kyle, Texas from 2005 - 2011.  It was a true honor to lead during such explosive growth.
Originally from Eagle Pass, Texas, I do live in the Kyle area with my wife and two sons.

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I am committed to the highest level of expertise, knowledge and servcie. Your real estate inquiries are important to me, so please expect a prompt reply.


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